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    Data de inscrição : 20/04/2015


    Mensagem por Bornee em Ter 21 Abr 2015, 12:16

    Boas pessoal,
    Estive a procura na internet de mais maneiras de ganhar dinheiro e encontrei este jogo que parece bem simples e temos a possibilidade de lucrar !

    Quem quiser inscrever-se é só mandar PM, eu não sei como faço para enviar aqui o meu ref link :s

    Acerca do jogo, este foi o tutorial que encontrei:

    Hamlet is a military browser game in which you can: expand your own city, make your population grow, trade resources, make your own army, develop the abilities of your hero, administrate your Island, build a strong organization, fight for your hero experience, fight for your Island, fight to defend your resources, fight to defend friends, fight to defeat your enemies, fight for fame and honor.
    With your great military skills, administrative visions, trader experience, hardworking and leadership abilities you can make profit and increase your real income.

    As a beginner you can win up to 10-15€ per month only daily activities. Trust me! Given the opportunity to LVL 1 free lift for those who enroll in the next period and 100 golds welcome bonus.
    The economy of the game is based on gold. You can earn gold from many activities within the community such as:
    *Invite as many people through the affiliate link and earn gold from their activities
    *Collect resources, process them and then turn them into gold
    *Set up your own private island, populate it and earn 5% of all robberies carried out by its citizens
    *Through the promotion of private islands, players who view these ads are paid with gold
    *Convert experience gained from battles in gold
    *Work, Arena daily bonus, ...
    All the gold received from the activities listed above can be turned into real incomes (€)
    For beginner no investment
    Rate: Goods:Gold = 1:2 | 1000golds = 1€
    Collect resources and Work
    *Collect resources: 3resources x 6lots x 6types x 3turns=324pcs. pay 108gold
    *Work: 324pcs/3= 108goods. Sell goods: 108goods x 2= 216gold)
    *Collect daily work bonus: (80 goods x 2=160gold)
    Total income/day = 216-108+160 = 268gold ~ 0.268€
    After 7 days, you can buy 72 soldiers ~ 5000damages/fight x 27=135000damages. Daily Arena Bonus ~ 400 golds/day = 0.4€/day.
    Financial Strategy
    All Buildings at Level 2
    Cost: 18500golds = 18.5€
    *Collect resources: 12resouces x 6lots x 6types x 3turns= 1296pcs and pay 432golds
    *Work: 1296pcs/3=432goods. Sell goods: 432 x 2golds = 864gold
    *Collect work bonus ~ 145golds
    Total incomes/day = 864+145-432=577golds/day = 0.577€/day.
    Payments method?
    When a withdrawal is made a 10% fee will be hold from the amount you withdraw. Money transfers will be made only if the amount requested is bigger than 20€. Payment methods, by choice, are bank transfer or PayPal.
    How do I get more energy to do what the tutorial has us do and so I can make my account better?
    The energy grow when you fight in the Arena or Island or Babylon. The stamina grow when collect resources, work in your factory or when you work for Babylon construction.
    How can i buy island and how much it cost ?
    You can buy one private island if you are on the general island (Hamllet). The cost of private island is 50000 Gold.
    How works Babylon? When is babylon end? And who earn here what?
    Babylon battle is ending when first team build 100% the construction. At the end of battle the winner receive the Babylon bonus. (up to 120€) Each player will receive an amount of gold according with the damage and contraction points maid. After that Babylon and upgrade from private islands will be restarted.
    Good luck everyone!

    Boa sorte !

      Data/hora atual: Ter 23 Jan 2018, 23:32