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    $25 FREE bonus

    O tal que clica
    O tal que clica

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    $25 FREE bonus

    Mensagem por caoc em Dom 23 Ago 2015, 22:01

    Boa noite!
    Este site oferece $25 gratis em shares ,basta registar pelo meu link e ativar o mail...deixo aqui uma pequena descrição,peço desculpa estar em inglês,mas basta ir ao tradutor do google e traduzir...

      25$ bonus on signup to invest  registar aqui para $25 FREE
    active your email

    my earning about an hour

    Q: How do I make money with Viral Website Cash?
    A: There are so many different ways that you can use Viral Website Cash to pay you consistent's a few of the most important ones..

    Firstly, as part of the Viral Website Cash opportunity, you receive a completely free website that will be used by thousands of people and viewed by millions. All income from these free websites will be paid back to you in spades!

    However, to really take advantage of this income stream, you will need to purchase as many premium shares as you can. This really sets your passive income on auto-pilot!

    If you do not wish to buy premium shares in our opportunity, you can utilize the totally free position that we give you for signing up and start promoting your Viral Website Cash free website link and create a massive cash windfall from our affiliate program as well as additional viral income streams we have included inside the program.

    Q:How much do I get paid for with The Affiliate Program?
    A: You get paid on 5 levels of referrals...

    1st Level: 15%
    2nd Level: 5%
    3rd Level: 5%
    4th Level: 3%
    5th Level: 3%

    Not only do you get paid directly referrals, there are more income streams that we have added in from referrals as well. Check your member's area for more details!

    Q: How do I get paid commissions?

    A: You will receive all commissions from your Viral Website Cash activities directly to your account, from your account, you may request a withdrawal to your Payza account. Withdrawals take 24 hours to 48 hours. However, we try to complete withdrawals within 1-4 hours while we're in the office as we know how important it is to receive your money right away!

    IMPORTANT: You must have a Payza account in your profile to receive payment, if you do not have one, please create your free account by clicking the banner below!

    The minimum payout is $10.00

    Q: Can members join more than once?

    A:No, you are guaranteed a *FREE* $25 Position and a *FREE* Website when you sign up, we cannot give these out more than once per person.

    Q: How do I know who's come in from my sponsoring efforts?

    A: A: That's easy. Check your back office by logging in with your username and password. Everyone you have brought in is listed at the bottom of the page.

    Q:What about refunds?

    A:We are not able to offer refunds to anyone. You are buying digital product that you have access to the minute your account funds and is made active. The company takes the money we earn from this sale and puts it to work to earn our members more money. So, there's no money for refunds. If you're looking for a refund, don't join, don't promote and don't make any money. Obviously, with that approach you won't be earning referral and cash bonuses. But if you simply went out and worked hard at bringing people in instead of worrying about refunds, you'd get your money back in spades, because you'd be earning it!

    plz join under me

    registar aqui para $25 FREE

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    Re: $25 FREE bonus

    Mensagem por MrPedroGGGPT em Dom 23 Ago 2015, 22:21

    bom site

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    O tal que clica
    O tal que clica

    Número de Mensagens : 203
    Data de inscrição : 30/03/2012

    Re: $25 FREE bonus

    Mensagem por caoc em Dom 23 Ago 2015, 22:26

    MrPedroGGGPT escreveu:se nos registarmos , ganhamos logo 25$ , podemos levantar logo ?

    Amigo se fosse assim tao facil deixava de trabalhar... Wink
    os $25 tal como esta mencionado,é automaticamente investido em shares,as quais te vao dando comissões ... podes fazer o levantamento qd atingires $10... se pingar como esta a pingar ,nao demoras muito a sacar os $10... aproveita nao tens nada a perder...

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    Re: $25 FREE bonus

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