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    Mensagem por hmiguelpt em Ter 13 Set 2011, 12:41

    Join is now standard members earn 0.005$ per click daily 8 adds plus. premium members can earn 0.01$ per click daily 10 plus adds to click add value changes from add to add.
    no-minimum cashout for premium and 0.1$ low minimum for standard members.
    payment within 24 hours.
    join us now.0.01$ Per Click Premium Members.
    No-Minimum Cashout.
    Daily Payments, Daily Contests.
    Active Support, Active Admin.

    » Goldclix Terms
    1.1) Member can make just one account per ip any effort to make multiple account, will delete imediately by anti cheat system, and than account can,t be back.
    1.2) Member should login once in 30 days, other wise his/her account will be suspended.
    1.3) You Can not sell your Goldclix account to any one, if u do this , your account will delete.
    1.4) Don,t use auto clicker software or auto surfer if we catch u with these softwares you account will terminate without notice and no any chance to get your account back.
    1.5) We will not sell your emails Or Info to any third party.
    1.6) You Can Change Your Email by simply send support ticket to admin.
    1.7) Member must need to post payment proof in forum to get 2nd payment.
    1.Cool Member who have requested his cashout, he / she must need 10 clicks to recieve his payment.
    1.9) We Have Right To Delete Your Account, if you do any thing against our terms.

    » Reffers
    3.1) No Limit On Direct/ Rented Reffers..
    3.2) Standard Member Will Earn 30% From Reffers.
    3.3) Poiner Members Will Earn 50% From Reffers.
    3.4) Golden Members Will Earn 80% From Reffers.
    3.5) Ultimate Members Will Earn 100% From Reffers.
    3.6) You Can Make Self Reffers.
    3.7) You Can Sell Your Reffer to Us From Your Account.

    » Payment To Members
    4.1) Standard Members Minimum Cashout is 0.1$
    4.2) Premium Members have No-Minimum Cashout
    4.3) Standard Members Will Recieve 40% Of thier Cashout.
    4.4) Poiner Members Will Recieve 50% Of thier Cashout.
    4.5) Golden Members Will Recieve 80% Of thier Cashout.
    4.6) Ultimate Members Will Recieve 100% Of thier Cashout
    4.7) Premium Member Can Request Unlimited Cashout, no Maximum Cashout limit
    4.Cool Payment Proceed Every Sunday.
    4.9) Payments Will Send Via Alertpay And Libertyreserve.
    4.10) We Can Can Cancel members payment if he/she do against our terms.

    Total Paid: $6.06
    Total Members: 244
    New Members Today: 4
    Users Online: 29

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    Re: Goldclix

    Mensagem por misssgata em Sab 26 Jan 2013, 17:18

    movido # Scam
    26/1/2013 # missgata


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